Referanser: Hypnose Erfaringer

Nedenfor kan du lese referanser fra noen av de klientene jeg har jobbet med. MERK DEG FØLGENDE: Jeg hevder ikke å ha "kurert" disse menneskene for noe som helst. Jeg hevder heller ikke at de er "kurert" som et resultat eller av en metode eller tilnærming. Det jeg derimot hevder er at de har endret seg selv. Min rolle har vært å skape en setting/atmosfære hvor klientene har kommet i kontakt med de ressurser som de har trengt for å nå sine mål. Jeg valgte å innta denne rollen etter at de hadde kvalisert seg som klienter. Dersom du oppfyller mine krav til deg som klient, er disse resultatene like mulig å oppnå for deg. Vær oppmerksom på at


Hvis du ser etter å bli behandlet eller kurert, så er du på feil sted.

Tilstandstrening fungerer i praksis som et en til en kurs. Min rolle som instruktør er å guide deg gjennom tanke eksperimenter samt lære deg teknikker og redskaper som du kan bruke for å skape ønskede endringer på egne premisser.

My partner Peter and I went again for a long walk(3 hours) through the nearby rain forest yesterday. We walked up and down until we reached the creek where we enjoyed our fruit breakfast. I enjoyed every bit of it because I have no back pain anymore. I am utterly grateful for the work I did with Jørgen Rasmussen 3 years ago. It was the breakthrough after suffering from chronic back pain for 28 (!!!!!) years and trying so many things which gave me a max. of relief for 3 months. I couldn't walk without pain even though I took pain killer but I can now. And not only walk but also run. I can do gardening, exercises, yoga, chiropractic…….It's like a burden has fallen off my shoulders. Jørgen Rasmussen's work is magic and life changing. I finally had also to post it here because I often sent and send silent THANK YOUs his way. I am incredible grateful and highly recommend him.

- Susanna Strasser
6 April. 2020

1 year, 1 one week FREE of medication and symptoms of severe cat allergy! 1 session of around 45 minutes changed a lot for me! Still amazed what determined and passionate change work can do and so grateful to Jørgen Rasmussen!

Highly recommended to everyone who wants a change or to learn how to help others.

- Christina Phillip
10 Juni. 2019

I can highly recommend Jorgen as a trainer and mentor. I see 4 to 5 clients per day using his methods combined with my own personal experience and The results have been phenomenal.

BUT more importantly the burnout I used to experience after 6 days a week of dealing with people has now gone. It’s no longer about ME creating the change the shift is now onto the client to take responsibility and my job is to creatively get them to see the truth.

Every day is now a new experience and something I look forward to

- Craig Homonnay
08 Mai. 2019

Jeg har altså hatt klaustrofobi, eller det jeg har kalt for klaustrofobi, så lenge jeg kan huske. Å ta heis har alltid vært utenkelig for meg, og dette har jo manifestert seg i en slags flyskrekk etterhvert.

Etter de to sesjonene hos deg, som jeg egentlig følte var å gripe etter halmstrå, bare fordi jeg ville prøve ut alt som var å prøve ut, har jeg tatt heisen på jobb hver dag. Uten å tenke over det. Turen til Riga gikk kjempefint, og for første gang på lenge klarte jeg å nyte flyturen, både til og fra. På veien til Riga var det til og med både varmt, trangt og masse turbulens, men jeg var helt rolig og sovnet mange ganger.

Som sagt, dette er sikkert vanlig for deg, men helt uvanlig for meg, og utrolig verdifult og fint. Jeg føler jeg kan få til hva som helst nå! Det er jo litt svulstig å si, men at dette har sluppet taket i meg, eller rettere sagt, at jeg har sluppet taket i det, er en helt fantastisk følelse.

- Mona Sørby
06 Desember. 2018

Where should I about Jorgen Rasmussen changed my life! I have spent 25 years studying personal, professional and spiritual development and in that time created a great life for myself and my family, but deep down I still felt unfulfilled. My thinking still caused me daily anguish and my anxiety filled moments held me back from not only greater success and fulfillment but also from enjoying what I had already created. Well I can tell you unequivocally all that changed in two brief Skype sessions with Jorgen. I have not had a single moment that resembles my past fears and worries. I feel as if the heavy weight of the world has lifted and well I can tell you unequivocally all that changed in two brief Skype sessions with Jorgen. I finally feel that I am enough just as I am. I have still been angry and sad and frustrated at times, but these emotions just seem to be healthy alerts, whereas before I would turn them into something much greater and attach painful meanings to them. That's all disappeared! I cannot recommend Jorgen highly enough, he is the most powerful agent of change that I have ever spent time with and I have worked with some of the most well known in the world. I can't tell you how he does it, all I can say is that all the reading and seminar attending and intellectual understanding of things did not resolve my inner conflicts, but Jorgen was able to take me to real knowing in a few short hours. Extraordinary doesn't come close to describing his ability, he truly is amongst only a handful of people on the planet that can impact ones life at this.

- Matt Williams - Sydney Australia, December 2015

Jørgen Rasmussens Psychological Illusion Model (PIM) course turned my world around. It changed the way I do therapy and the way I live my life. Strangely, the PIM was completely new to me but at the same time it somehow confirmed what I had previously "known" but didn't have words or strategies for. The PIM is now a fundamental framework for my sessions with clients. I like the no-nonsense and purity of the approach. As a hypnotherapist I appreciate that I can use the PIM with low-hypnotisable, analytical clients as well as with highly hypnotisable clients. In addition, the PIM course has taken my studies in new directions which have consolidated my knowledge and expanded my change work toolset immensely. Blending eastern wisdom into our western cognitively dominated therapies has been called a wave. But while others might be surfing, Jørgens PIM is parachuting off this wave.

- Kim Oechsle ( - hypnoterapi for krop og sind)
17 Januar 2021

When I first got into changework I was fascinated by the maverick agents of change that seemed to go outside conventions and get results with clients that no one else seemed able to. I wanted to be one of them. I've spent the last 12 years trying to learn how and have now become a person that many people credit with turning their lives around ... and much of that is thanks to Jorgen.

I've got results with people who have been stuck for years and failed with other approaches, some claim I've saved their lives. This never would have happened had I not met Jorgen and learned the Psychological Illusion Model (PIM). 

Jorgen's insights and knowledge of change-work are absolute gold for anyone wanting to learn how to get really skilled in this field. I use PIM day in and day out with military veterans with PTSD, anger and anxiety issues and my job gets easier the more I deepen my understanding of the model. 

I highly recommend training with Jorgen, learning the Psychological Illusion Model, and to really deepen your understanding, investing in mentoring with him.

- Alastair Hill (
15 Januar 2021

Having interviewed many leading agents of change and therapists, from a wide array of approaches, on my Rapid Change Matters Podcast, I can honestly say that Jørgen Rasmussen and his Psychological Illusion Model is perhaps one of the most important advancements in the field of change. His ability to help people have transformative insights without years and years of meditation is, as far as I’m concerned, unparalleled.

Having worked myself as a change-worker for over 18 years using traditional NLP and hypnotherapy, the approach (and accompanying mindset) of the Psychological Illusion Model have quite simply blown me away. It has transformed not only the way I work with clients BUT also (more importantly) the results that I get.

AND it’s not just my clients that have benefitted from these ideas and principles. Since applying these ideas to my own life I have personally had more profound and positive shifts than using any other methods of change.

There is no ‘hocus focus’, no ‘just having to believe’, no ‘dropping someone into a deep trance to talk with a ‘sub-conscious’.

There is just helping people to artfully see what is currently unseen, in such a way that their entire experience changes.

Anyone who is serious about change, whether that’s someone who is keen to help others change OR whether you are keen to change yourself, the psychological illusion model should become essential learning.

- Howard Cooper
Rapid Change Consultant & Anxiety Specialist.
Host of the Rapid Change Matters - Podcast.
12 Januar 2021

I have been a full-time professional hypnotist for approximately 10 years. In that time, I have sought out and received the benefit of in person instruction and/or distance learning from some of the top names in the field. Each of these people has added something valuable (or at least interesting) to my understanding of the art form/craft we call hypnosis. But it wasn’t until I encountered the work of Jørgen Rasmussen that it all came together for me. Before that, I always felt somehow that I was missing something. The hypnotic tools and techniques I had picked up from other teachers were fascinating and often highly effective, but they were just that: tools and techniques. The problem was they were without context, meaning that they largely ignored the most fundamental issue affecting all humans: our basic relationship with thought.

Joergen’s Psychological illusion model changed all that.

Before PIM, it had always seemed to me that we, as “hypnotists” were somehow leveraging psychological parlor tricks to magically change “bad” thoughts into “good” thoughts and “solve” the clients’ issues. In other words, if we just had just the right technique, the right magic wand (to borrow a metaphor from Harry Potter), we could simply point it at the client, trance him through the floor and and ”fix” whatever was broken. And that, of course was very intriguing and seductive - who doesn’t want to perform real-time magic and rid the world of its problems? - but... 

As I immersed myself in learning the ins and outs of the Psychological Illusion model, I came to understand that the job of a change worker is not to mutate, disguise or paint over the clients’ unwanted trances, but to help them see more clearly what those trances actually consist of. I came to understand that the best way help them is to to help them see the very nature of thought itself, to illuminate for them their relationship to their own thoughts, to to show them how fleeting, impersonal and illusory those thoughts can be and to thus help them to DE-HYPNOTIZE themselves in the process. The PIM does exactly that and there is virtually no apparently painful and/or troublesome state or situation where it cannot be effectively applied. That I why I can honestly say that the Psychological Illusion Model is now at the core of all of the work I do.

I absolutely and completely recommend it to anyone looking to help others make positive transformative changes in their lives. 

It is literally invaluable.

Robert Allen Dean
NGH Certified Consulting Hypnotist
NLP practitioner
Life coach
08 Februar 2021

When I walked into Jørgen's presentation at the 2018 UK Hypnosis Convention, I had no idea I would be leaving behind a piece of baggage that I'd been dragging around with me for 34 years. Jørgen had asked for demo subject's, who wanted to let go of a trauma, and I'd put my hand up. But when I said the words "My parents moving abroad and me staying behind in boarding school" in answer to his question regarding the nature of my trauma, the palpatations, difficulty in breathing and feeling of distress that followed meant I was actually relieved when I was not chosen! Being separated from my Mum repeatedly, for months at a time, between the ages of 9 and 11 had been a deeply painful experience and it occurred to me I probably didn't want to be dealing with that in front of a room full of people after all…

The most powerful demo followed and I admired both the lady who volunteered and Jørgen for taking her from a rating of 9 on her distress scale, down to a 1 during their session together. I was so moved by what had unfolded I went up to thank Jørgen at the end and said that, whilst I'd not been chosen for the demo, I had benefitted from seeing it and would definitely apply his model to my issue. "Ok, well let's do this!" he said and over the following ten minutes or so he brought me from a place where tears were streaming down my face and I felt the most incredible pain, to where I still am to this day. I can think about my parents leaving, or indeed explore any memory from that two year period of my life, and there is no feeling at all, there is just nothing! To be free of that distress is extraordinary! I walked around the rest of the day with a huge smile on my face, I just couldn't believe it! I wondered if those old feelings might ever come back, they have not!

Jørgen showed me that day that you really can change someones life in moments, when you know how, and I am forever grateful.

- Samantha Shanks-Husbands
UK Hypnosis Convention 2018

Farvel Flyskrekk
"Bakgrunnen for konsultasjonen var tre tiår med stadig flyskrekk som til slutt - de siste syv år - medførte at undertegnende satte seg "på bakken". I løpet av disse tre tiår har jeg vært hos psykolog, vært til behandling med hypnose, gjennomgått to flyskrekk-kurs i et flyselskaps regi og vært flere ganger i flysimulator. Etter 2 x 2,5 timer hos Jørgen Rasmussen så har jeg nå "tatt av og anser meg selv for å være kurert. Flyturer har vært gjennomført til stor tilfredshet for alle - ikke minst meg selv."

-Aslak Hjelde

Resultater Som Varer
Takk for sist – det var i januar 2008! Jeg var hos deg i Kongsberg i forbindelse med at jeg var allergisk (i over 40 år) mot bl.a. gress, pollen, nøtter og katter, og nylig hadde anskaffet to katter som jeg (selvfølgelig) reagerte allergisk på. Hvert år hadde jeg brukt allergitabletter fra tidlig sommer til tidlig høst, for å avhjelpe allergiutslagene – og det var ikke alltid tablettene fungerte heller. Etter å ha vært hos deg og fått hjelp over en konsultasjon, pluss en kontrollkonsultasjon samme uken, har jeg aldri mer tatt en eneste allergitablett. Og så deilig det er å kunne trekke inn lukten av nyklippet gress – uten å ha rennende øyne og kløende hals, eller måtte tørke snørr! Dette er garantert en av de beste investeringene jeg noen gang har gjort, og er altså mer enn 5 og et halvt år siden – uten tilbakefall! Takk for hjelpen, og bruk meg gjerne som referanse på nettsiden din. Ha en fortsatt fin dag!
Johnny Blad

Johnny Blad


Hei, Jeg var hos deg for 9 år siden.
Fremdeles røykfri. Takk
- Lise Djerv Hillås
10 Nov. 2016


Å se døden i hvitøyet !!

Jeg har vært så heldig at jeg har vært hos Jørgen 4 ganger og alle gangene har jeg vært utrolig fornøyd. Jeg fikk diagnosen ventrikkelcanser (magekreft) november 2013. For å finne styrke til å klare meg gjennom den tøffe behandlingen som ventet meg tok jeg kontakt med Jørgen for å få de nødvendige verktøyene jeg trengte.

Første gangen var jeg utrolig dårlig pga cellekur men jeg bestemte meg for å ta turen selv om jeg måtte sitte i bilen i 2 timer. Det var verdt det.

Jørgen er en fantastisk person som jeg har stor respekt for og jeg stoler 100% på han så for meg var det ikke vanskelig å starte prosessen.

Vi tar alltid en prat før vi starter og som sagt det var kreften jeg var mest opptatt av, men det ligger så mye annet bak så Jørgen stilte meg en del spørsmål som jeg ikke ønsker å gjenta fordi det har ingen ting med saken å gjøre.

Jeg husker sjeldent hva som skjer under seanser men jeg går lett i transe og jeg vet at mye skjer. Noe husker jeg annet ikke, men det er heller ikke vesentlig. Jeg vet at underbevisstheten min tar det frem når det er behov for det.

Når jeg var ferdig følte jeg en indre ro som om svulsten ikke var så farlig mer, jeg ønsket den dit pepperen gror for å si det mildt og jeg var veldig fokusert på at den skulle minske. Hver kveld før jeg la meg hadde jeg en seanse for meg selv hvor jeg fokuserte på svulsten og jeg så for meg at jeg minsket den med tankene mine.

Så fikk jeg dødsdommen og jeg tok igjen kontakt med Jørgen for å finne styrke til å klare meg gjennom dette.
Denne seansen ble veldig spesiell for meg. Jeg vet at jeg fikk ryddet opp i mye gammel dritt jeg gråt mye jeg var sint jeg var glad, jeg var igjennom hele følelsesregisteret. Når jeg gikk derfra følte jeg en indre ro jeg aldri før har kjent. Jeg følte meg STERK. Råsterk som om jeg kunne takle alt. Og det måtte jeg jo jeg skulle jo tross alt dø. Men samme dagen kom telefonen fra Ullevål om at jeg fikk operasjon allikevel.

På operasjonsdagen var jeg veldig rolig. Som om underbevisstheten min snakket til meg. Dette skal gå bra og det gjorde det.

Jeg har brukt tiden godt. I dag 15. april er det 1 år siden operasjonen og jeg jobber 80%. Det har vært et slit og jeg var døden nær men jeg bare bestemte meg at ikke søren. Dette skal jeg klare, ingen skal knekke meg. Kreften skal ikke ta livet mitt. Jeg vil leve jeg er for ung til å dø! Og sakte men sikkert kom kreftene tilbake. Det er helt uvanlig å være så tidlig tilbake etter en så stor operasjon og jeg er IKKE i tvil om at det har vært verktøyene jeg har fått av Jørgen som har gjort dette.

Legene mine på Ullevål er imponert over at jeg jobber så mye som jeg gjør. Det vanlige ville vært å jobbe 1 dag i uken 1 ½ år etter en så stor operasjon.

Jeg har hele tiden vært utrolig fokusert på at dette skal gå bra. Jeg har vært positiv fra dag en, jeg har følt meg sterk og hele tiden sagt at dette skal jeg klare, men det var først etter å ha vært hos Jørgen at jeg virkelig FØLTE styrken inni meg.

Når andre har klaget over smerter i leddene etter cellegift, som jeg også har, så har jeg sagt at de må slutte å fokusere på dette, men heller fokusere på det de klarer. Det har jeg sjeldent gehør for, men dem om det tenker jeg. JEG fokuserer på alt jeg klarer og ikke på det jeg ikke klarer. Jeg har blitt sterkere og sterkere og jeg føler jeg eier hele verden til tider. Jeg lever livet mitt istedenfor å bare eksistere. Jeg merker at mye lettere enn før klarer å dreie fokuset mot det positive. Jeg er flink til å drive meditasjon for meg selv. Og det gjør jeg flere ganger i måneden. Jeg sier til meg selv at jeg er sterk jeg er bra nok. Jeg holder lenge og at det jeg gjør er bra for meg.

Jeg vil takke Jørgen for at jeg fikk lov til å komme til han og at han gav med de nødvendige verktøyene jeg trenger for at jeg har fått tilbake mitt liv. Det er ikke han som behandler meg det har jeg gjort selv, men han har hjulpet meg til å finne de tingene i min underbevisshet som jeg hadde behov for. Han har vist meg hva jeg skal rydde bort hva som kan fjernes og hva som er viktig å behold. Jeg bruker dette bevisst og ubevisst og jeg nyter å ha fått livet mitt tilbake.

Dersom du har ting du sliter så ikke nøl med å ta en telefon til Jørgen. Bare husk at det er DU som må gjøre jobben.

Tusen takk Jørgen for at du satt av tid til meg. Det vil jeg alltid være takknemlig for.

Masse hilsner fra,
Rita Lønn Hammer


Jeg går mye på toppturer både sommer som vinter. Min redsel for høyder har imidlertid satt begrensninger for meg, og jeg har ikke alltid kommet meg opp på de topper som jeg ønsker å gå opp på, eller turt å ta de nedfarter som jeg gjerne vil på ski. I tillegg hadde jeg veldig lyst til å prøve meg på utendørs klatring, men klarte ikke å se at det var mulig for meg å gjennomføre.

Jeg har opplevd å reagere både med kvalme og svimmelhet dersom det har vært for bratt eller luftig. I perioder har jeg forsøkt å bearbeide høydeskrekken selv med visualisering i ulike former, uten at jeg helt har klart å komme i mål.

I sommer hadde jeg et ønske om å klatre Svolværgeita. Dette er en svært luftig tur med sikringsutstyr. Jeg tok kontakt med Jørgen et par uker i forkant, og vi hadde en 2 timers samtale på Skype.

For å si det enkelt; turen gikk kjempebra! Selv om jeg var spent og litt nervøs før vi begynte å klatre, kjente jeg overhodet ingen redsel, selv ikke der det gikk stupbratt ned. Jeg må innrømme at jeg var litt overrasket etterpå over hvor smertefritt det gikk. Nå gleder jeg meg til å prøve meg på fjellturer uten sikringsutstyr i sommer.

Med vennlig hilsen,
Trude Johnsen
Dato: 1/10/2007



- Petter J.


-  Rita Lønn Hammer






Les hva en blogger i VG skriver etter ett besøk hos meg her. Andre referanser fra media: Kreftkramp,no og


“Look at Google and you’ll see that Hypnosis and NLP courses are now a dime a dozen. From my personal experience and the experiences of my students and clients, what gets taught on one course is usually little different to the next.

I’ve recently found one big exception to this statement and it’s called, ‘Provocative Hypnosis’; the most exciting, effective and boundary pushing training that I have ever taken part in.

More importantly to me, the teacher, ‘Jorgen Rasmussen’, is a man who has earned the right to call himself a master of his trade, not by reading books and attending other peoples seminars (though he clearly has read and attended more than most), but by working with a vast range of clients, many presenting him with a range of symptoms and challenges that most change agents would run a mile from!

Since attending PH, I’ve used Jorgen’s unique patterns and methods with a number of clients. The results have each time shown an immediate and obvious shift in state. More importantly, (a month or so later) my clients continue to benefit form more choices in a number of previously limiting contexts.

I know personally that John Grinder rates Jorgen as one of the finest change agents in the world. Based on my four days with him, I have to wonder who on earth the competition could be?”

- Mike Weeks @

Provocative hypnosis – if you come to this training expecting to worship at the altar of Bandler, Grinder, McKenna, James or Rasmussen you are in the wrong place! Guru’s are neither recognised nor welcomed and the religious fanaticism which pervades much of the world of NLP and hypnosis is debunked very early on. Handy hint number one…leave your guru and altar at home!

The simplicity and directness of Jorgen’s approach is astonishing, learning to easily lead even the most sceptical into deep hypnosis with the intention of creating lasting change within minute is breathtaking. Handy hint number two KISS – keep it simple stupid!

Jorgen’s approach is straightforward – dirt level honesty, being wholly present in the encounter, a willingness to fully commit to do whatever it takes to get the outcome with integrity, passion respect and heart. He walks the talk and as a result both demands and draws that same commitment from participants so back seat observers can easily become fully engaged. Handy hint number three No bullshitting!

The provocation is full on…sometimes surprising, occasionally shocking, powerful, intense and evoking strong emotions which are so often the precursor to deep and lasting change. However, be under no illusions this is no dark foreboding experience – the training is playfully serious and seriously playful with laughter and fun playing a major part in the process. Handy hint number four keep a packet of Kleenex handy and make sure you don’t have a full bladder!

The balance of case histories, exercises, planned demonstrations and those which spontaneously arose, together with open question and answer sessions ensure boredom is not an option with the group constantly captivated, provoked entranced challenged and energised. The open supportive learning environment proved ideal for safe experimentation and mistake making which proved a great recipe for shared learning. This training is intensely practical and grounded to be used immediately and not left on the shelf or in the toolbox. Handy hint number five dive right in and give it your best shot!

Although Jorgen may have what he describes as his “Favourite format” he is no one trick pony and I have rarely heard someone adopt such a flexible and eclectic approach with no respect for labels boundaries dogma or tradition. NLP, hypnosis, developmental psychology, mindfulness and so much more mixed shaken and stirred to produce a heady cocktail which gets to the parts others may not reach! Handy hint number six be willing to become less certain of your certainties and realise the more you know the more you don’t know!

For my part, I met some great people, laughed a lot, cried a bit, was offended, confused, intrigued, deeply moved and excited, discovered some personal limitations, learned so much and have been provoked to find new choices both working with clients and also in my own life journey with some new twists and turns emerging which I will fully explore.

So was it worth the investment of time money and energy? Hell yes!

- Jill Collins, NLP Trainer

Last week I attended a 4 day intensive training with Jorgen Rasmussen, author of the book ‘Provocative Hypnosis’ organised by Wayne marsh (UmamiUK) in Doncaster.

Jorgen’s book openly details his direct and often controversial approach to change-work with clients. After reading it, I admit that I was mildly apprehensive before attending the training. I would not have been surprised if Jorgen had turned out to be nothing more than an impatient bully. I found this could not be more wrong. What I experienced was beyond my expectations.

I have spent 20 years working in education with children, teenagers, families and teachers, and I now run my own as an NLP Trainer. In all this time, these were 4 days of the best and most productive days of my career.

I found the course to be remarkably insightful. Jorgen had a great depth of knowledge and understanding as to how best to help clients. Rather than an impatient bully, I experienced Jorgen to be a compassionate person, who – in the name of achieving results for a client – is willing to put aside his own ego, and be very effective at cutting through other people’s stories and B.S.

Jorgen’s commitment to helping others, for me, was typified when just prior to the start of the course all European airports were closed (volcanic ash from Iceland was playing havoc with atmosphere). Instead of postponing and rescheduling the course, which would have been understandable, Jorgen drove from Norway, through Europe to Doncaster in the UK. This would not be an easy journey.

On personal and professional levels, I gained tremendously from the 4 days training. Jorgen’s willingness to share his knowledge and experiences reaffirmed many approaches of my own and critically, gave me many useful new ones for working with clients ….. and a new perspective on how to conduct my own self! I was impressed by Jorgen’s congruence with his own approach and his “dirt level honesty” with the group. This, I considered to be a Model of Excellence and one worth patterning. The discomfort I experienced as I looked at aspects of my own self was a necessary and worthy revelation. It was, and is, being utilised for the better.

Since first reading ‘Provocative Hypnosis’ and attending the training, I have appraised my own approaches and changed many things. My ‘back-pocket’ (as John Grinder calls it!) now has many more tools. Most importantly for me, by modelling Jorgen’s approach, it has enabled me to knit the tools together into a much more fluid, flexible and effective approach. My success levels with clients have improved, the time taken to achieve these has diminished and I now have a greater sense of purpose and clarity in my work than I did previously.

I highly recommend Jorgen’s book ‘Provocative Hypnosis’. It is a fascinating read which will take you from laughing to squirming. It widen your eyes in wonder at a real balls-out approach to change-work with clients. It will also make you stop. It will then force your hand to reconsider many things. More than his book if you get the chance to meet the man, or attend a training he is delivering …..DO IT! You will be blown away and inspired. I was, I am and I look forward to continually being.

- John Phelan, NLP Trainer, Echelon NLP

My Overall experience is that this course has shifted so many of my own assumptions, personally and those that relate to my coaching (now training!). I have come to realise that I deserve to enjoy my work to the maximum, and for a client to get the most out of what I do, they need to commit to it, rather than me just commiting to them. The element of people pleaser in me has taken a major blow – thankfully. It has given me the the kind of motivation to go out and play with this sutff, so that if someone offered me some arm bands to walk gently into the water, I would throw them down, run towards the deep end and ‘just jump right in’. That is gold. Jorgen successfully gave me two gifts – one of information and content (ooh, did I just use that word?!), and the other is that this is useless on its own, it is up to me to do it/use it and abuse it. Many other courses I have been on give good information, but this gives you an active hanger to hang it on.

And I was so pissed off! Because this was such a wild and impactful course, that I knew I would have to rewrite my website and coaching material. But that my work would move to new levels, and more specifically, my enjoyment of this kind of work would also increase. Jorgen’s experience as a forward thinking, experimental trainer, was conveyed in a way that I felt I was getting access to secrets that few people knew.

The clients that I used to dread walking through my office door, I now look forward to, as an opportunity to play with this stuff. Jorgen invites you to throw off your arm bands and jump right in! This course gives you the skills to float.

- (Bean Sopwith – The Body Alchemist)

I have just completely an amazing 4 day course with Joergen Rasmussen through Unami UK. Joergen was pretty much faultless in his delivery of a fantastic learning experience. There was a great balance between him actually teaching his techniques and us learning through having the experience of being hypnotised and working on our own issues. I feel like my whole way of doing business and living life has been thoroughly challenged and I am in the process of rediscovering and redesigning my beliefs and assumptions. Anyone lucky enough to work with Joergen is in for a rare treat. As well as being super talented, he is seriously funny and likable. I thoroughly (and unreservedly) recommend him to anyone interested in improving their life or their business.

- Katie Beckett, Business Consultant and Trainer, MyElement Training

When I purchased Provocative Hypnosis I honestly never, ever expected I would even meet the guy let alone be lucky enough to train with him. This training was the final piece of my first real jigsaw. My lineage of training has been so perfect, just perfect. I am proud that I have demonstrated choice par excellence in my trainings so far.

The training answered loads and loads for me. Questions I had but didn’t quite consciously know were there but constantly thinking Aah! This is perfectly what I was consciously (e.g commitment) and mostly unconsciously looking for. A huge learning I soaked up was the intense sense of professionalism from Jorgan. Its real professionalism I can utilise instead of just using daft stories to bash other professions ala Mr Bandler which I think can be taken in the wrong way by many. I have a strong sense of professionalism for teaching but always felt I didn’t have it yet for changework – it wasn’t transfering like I thought it would but thinking about it they are two different professions!! I always had a feeling I was kinda bumbling about in the dark trying to be professional but I have a torch now…

Jorgen Rasmussens deep appreciation of NLP means he can turn to whatever it takes to get the change and this can often lead him outside of the field of NLP itself. I barely even heard the term mentioned it just wasn’t necessary. For someone with a Psychology background while I’m not surprised I boxed myself in to “NLP” I am glad I have experienced someone who appears to be unifying fields with finesse bringing much needed pioneering work to a field that was and I emphasise was going stale.

Rasmussen is doing for Grinder what Grinder did for Bateson. Rasmussen is doing for Grinder what Grinder did for Bandler. All genius’ in there own right working together with there own invaluable unique skills to create something magical.

- Alistair Donne

Just had to post that have achieved my own challenge to utilise all the learnings from last week by using the rapid induction and emotion release with a client just now. Blumin fantastic. Also want to say thanks to everyone last week and especially to Jorgen for sharing his knowledge and expertise. It is already making such a difference with clients I am seeing. My head is still spinning though !
- Colette Boyden (Nurse)

"I visited Joergen hoping to clear some deep-seated feelings of anger that I felt were affecting my health. After one session, I experienced a very pleasant shift as if a weight had been lifted from me. Others noticed a change in me too. For those of you hesitant to try this style of hypnotherapy, let me encourage you. His style is more akin to a guided meditation than what I had expected. There is no loss of autonomy or awareness. I can remember feeling deeply grounded and peaceful after the session. This feeling of peace lasted for quite some months afterwards. I was so surprised by the positive effects of this one session, that I have since recommended Joergen to family and friends." Cheers.
- Maurisa McColm- Scotland, February 2016

30 Year chronic back pain gone

Talking about my experience With Jørgen, I can highly recommend him. I am pain free after having chronic back pain for almost 30 years. That happened after my first skype session With him last november.

- Susanne Strasser
Queensland , Australia, June 18 2018

Jørgen's Provocative Hypnosis course was THE most powerful course I have ever attended. Jørgen is a world class trainer. During the 2 days I was able to break negative patterns and behaviour I had carried out for years. Jorgen's techniques when dealing with clients have helped gain me a new work contract within a week of completing his course. I would highly recommend this course to any individual who wants to develop personally and professionally.

- Michelle Lazenby

I was privileged to be a student attending the Provocative Hypnosis Course arranged by UMAMI and presented by Jorgen Rasmussen on 15th &16th June 2009 .Prior to the course UMAMI set up a website accessed by the students to network and ask questions as they arose, the website was supported by Wayne and John, who managed it and answered our questions promptly and generated discussions within the group, and continue to do so. When I read the excerpt from Jorgen’s book posted on the site, it struck fear to my core, as his interventions appeared so radical, it was far out my comfort zone, and I was apprehensive to what I would be exposed to, and felt quite nervous on that first morning, and I discovered on talking to fellow students I was not alone in that state. However, as the two days unfolded my fears were alleviated, as Jorgen explained his reasons for his radical approach and demonstrated his wizardry. Even though English is not his first language, his narrative was totally spell binding and I hung on his every word, Pure GENIEUS! I cannot fault the two days, only to say it wasn’t long enough, the venue, organisation, the course literature and the amazing support given by Wayne and John ,who are UMAMI, was and still continues to be outstanding. Thank you very much, I look forward to attending my next course with UMAMI.

- Ann Douglas


"You reader are in for a treat – this is the stuff of genius. Take a young man, unencumbered with theory, with excellent sensory acuity and great flexibility and give him a set of patterns – some mix of the classic and New Code NLP patterning - and set him loose. Oh yeah, it helps enormously that he is fearless - that is, the issue of failure is not part of the baggage he brings to the game, and that he has a healthy disrespect for conventional treatments."
- John Grinder ,NLP Cofounder

"Jørgen has written one of the most brilliant, useable, clear-headed books on NLP both the methodology and the applications - that I have read in my two decades of studying the subject. This guy doesn't just show you the techniques-he explains the way of thinking that leaves the trail of techniques. Highest possible recommendation."
- Ross Jeffries, Creator of Speed Seduction®

"Your book is certainly bold and blunt. While some people might find some of the blunt language offensive and some of the techniques controversial, your book is certainly thought-provoking."
- Roy Hunter, Hypnotherapist & Author

"There's a fair number of opinions in this book I flat-out disagree with. But I'm a fulltime working hypnotist seeing real clients every day - I earn my fee only if they get exactly the outcome they've come for. I need tools that work. The techniques Jørgen describes in Provocative Hypnosis work. There's more solid, useful information packed into this book than I've found in any other hypnosis/NLP book I've read or class I've taken (and I've trained with the biggest names in the field). So even if I think he's over the top sometimes, I recommend this book. For the expert working with live paying clients I recommend it for tools. They work. For the newbie, the aspiring and the curious, I recommend it because it's provocative, funny and an overall great read."
Brian Mahoney, Director, Boston Hypnosis

"Jørgen’s book arrived this weekend and I have been unable to put it down. I thought I had no behavioral boundaries under the banner of ‘what’s most effective for the client’ but this guy makes my methods look tame. More importantly; not since Frogs into Princes have I seen a book that captures the spirit of flexibility required to be a real change artist - and it’s mainly implicit in Frogs into Princes. Jørgen makes it explicit and in-your-face. If you are one of my Practitioners or Master Practitioners - read it! It will echo my attitude to change work (there are no relevant considerations other that the ultimate welfare of your client and rapport is not ‘being nice’). For so-called NLP Practitioners that ‘run the script’ (with inadequate calibration and inadequate flexibility to go ‘off road’) this should be a wake up call to you. You will probably find it shocking in places, if you do I would urge you to pay attention to your inflexible boundary that Jørgen has crossed."
Darryll Scott, NLP Trainer and Performance Coach

"I have met with Jørgen several years ago in Norway whilst working with John Grinder and Carmen Bostic St Clair. I delivered a day introduction to the delegates who were attending a Coaching with Excellence course. Jorgen has a strong presence and stony faced humor. He is a true maverick and honorable in his work with clients. His book is in my opinion is outside the boundaries set in this field (the field of hypnosis NLP books) which is a brave step. Some of the text I am sure made me blush (and I am a Yorkshire man) and I congratulate Jorgen for having the balls to write such a book. His knowledge is advanced and of the highest level in this field plus he has the best qualifications … results. This is a great read and has the formats of how you should approach impossible clients."
John Thompson, NLP Trainer and Business Consultant

"If you are anything like me you will find Provocative Hypnosis absolutely un-put-downable. Dealing with impossible clients, it is a masterful and compulsive read from beginning to end. Paradoxically, at a superficial level, Jørgen's interventions seem of times simultaneously elegant yet crass. True compassion, however, is not about joining your client's narrative of pain, wallowing together in content misery and somehow trying to make it all a bit more comfortable. True compassion is the ability to maintain clear boundaries and process in the midst of confusing and all-consuming incongruence whilst pursuing with absolutely single-minded determination your client's best interests. Jørgen clearly demonstrates this in spades. You must read this book..."
Dr Lewis Walker, Family Physician, NLP Author and Trainer

"I have met with Jørgen several years ago in Norway whilst working with John Grinder and Carmen Bostic St Clair. I delivered a day introduction to the delegates who were attending a Coaching with Excellence course. Jorgen has a strong presence and stoney faced humour. He is a true maverick and honorable in his work with clients. His book is in my opinion is outside the boundaries set in this field (the field of hypnosis NLP books) which is a brave step. Some of the text I am sure made me blush (and I am a Yorkshire man) and I congratulate Jorgen for having the balls to write such a book. His knowledge is advanced and of the highest level in this field plus he has the best qualifications … results. This is a great read and has the formats of how you should approach impossible clients."
- John Thompson, NLP Trainer and Business Consultant

"As the Name Implies, Provocative but higly effective strategies when used with care."

"This is an interesting book that lays out many interesting cases that Jorgen handled in a unique way. It is easy to read and entertaininly written but not everyone would have the courage to take the action Jorgen did, as the name implies it is provaocative. In some ways the strategies employed are similar to the tale of Milton Erickson arranging to tear the clothes off a nurse in order to shock a wayward teenager out of her willfully destructive habits. This book is well worth studying so you can use or adapt the strategies in a way that suits you, I highly recommend it."
- By Stuart Elliotton October 31, 2015

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A great book with lots of interesting case studies and unusual ..., October 26, 2015. A great book with lots of interesting case studies and unusual suggestions...if you feel confident enough to implement them. Inspiring.
- Julie Stanley

One of the three best books on hypnosis I have ever read, July 9, 2015.
I am re-reading Provocative Suggestions, and I am finding lots of gems I missed on my first reading. This book, along with Provocative Hypnosis is full of very practical tips very valuable to anybody interested in changework. Just the chapter on managing client's expectations is well worth the price of the book. Strongly recommended!
- Lech Debski, M.D.

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