Sterk Sjalusi Kan Kontrolleres

Kjenner du på sterke følelser av sjalusi ? Opplever du at følelsene er veldig sterke, selv om du logisk sett vet at de er urimelige og mest sannsynlig ikke har rot i virkeligheten ? Hindrer sjalusien deg i å ha den nærheten, tryggheten og graden av intimitet i et forhold som du ønsker ?

Siden 1998 har jeg sett mange klienter for dette problemet, og kan gjennom mye erfaring si at problemet, i de aller fleste tilfeller er løsbart.

I de fleste tilfeller ser jeg klienter to ganger. Ta gjerne en kikk på videoen over for å høre litt mer om hvordan jeg jobber med en klient. Hvis den resonnerer med deg, og du kvalifiserer som klient, er du hjertelig velkommen til å ta kontakt.


When I walked into Jørgen's presentation at the 2018 UK Hypnosis Convention, I had no idea I would be leaving behind a piece of baggage that I'd been dragging around with me for 34 years. Jørgen had asked for demo subject's, who wanted to let go of a trauma, and I'd put my hand up. But when I said the words "My parents moving abroad and me staying behind in boarding school" in answer to his question regarding the nature of my trauma, the palpatations, difficulty in breathing and feeling of distress that followed meant I was actually relieved when I was not chosen! Being separated from my Mum repeatedly, for months at a time, between the ages of 9 and 11 had been a deeply painful experience and it occurred to me I probably didn't want to be dealing with that in front of a room full of people after all...

The most powerful demo followed and I admired both the lady who volunteered and Jørgen for taking her from a rating of 9 on her distress scale, down to a 1 during their session together. I was so moved by what had unfolded I went up to thank Jørgen at the end and said that, whilst I'd not been chosen for the demo, I had benefitted from seeing it and would definitely apply his model to my issue. "Ok, well let's do this!" he said and over the following ten minutes or so he brought me from a place where tears were streaming down my face and I felt the most incredible pain, to where I still am to this day. I can think about my parents leaving, or indeed explore any memory from that two year period of my life, and there is no feeling at all, there is just nothing! To be free of that distress is extraordinary! I walked around the rest of the day with a huge smile on my face, I just couldn't believe it! I wondered if those old feelings might ever come back, they have not!

Jørgen showed me that day that you really can change someones life in moments, when you know how, and I am forever grateful.

- Samantha Shanks-Husbands
UK Hypnosis Convention 2018